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As the legend goes, in the early 19th century, on the banks of Hillsboro Bay, cattle began to disappear from a scrub cow herd during the night. As was often the case back then, natives were blamed for the loss. However, when the cowmen went out looking for them, they encountered a giant eating one of the missing cows in the palmetto brush. He has twice as size as an ordinary man with legs the size tall tree trunks. When the cowmen approached him a struggle ensued in which three cowmen were killed along with the giant. The remaining cowmen brought the giant's head back to camp as a trophy. It was later fashioned into a water basin for the herd

In the 1920's a giant skeleton that matched the description of the Hillsboro or Hillsborough Bay  giant was reported by the local newspaper, sent to and studied by the Smithsonian. Some believed it to  be a member of the Garib or Carib tribe that once lived on several coastal islands.